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2020 ECC Parent volunteer sign up


2020 Emerald City Classic parent volunteer registration

The Emerald City Classic could not happen without the support of our  WVBA families.  This tournament is wonderful and unique because it is put on by this volleyball community.  It makes such a difference when we have dedicated, caring volunteers and it makes everyone's experience better! There's nothing else like this tournament and we hope that it will continue for many years to come! Thank you all in advance for your hard work! 


This registration will only be open through Friday, April 10th! Do not wait to sign up or you may be assessed a fine. 


Each family must register for a MINIMUM of 15 volunteer hours. Families with 2 players will have a minimum of 30 hours. 


We recommend that you try to sign up for the same job on multiple days. This way you will have gotten some experience and aren't starting fresh every day.


Please be reminded that the hours that you will work during this tournament are being deducted from your club costs. We take these fees off at the beginning of the season with the expectation that parents will volunteer at ECC.  This is our sole fundraiser for this season to help offset club dues and this year's fees were reduced by $30,000. That being said, if you would like to opt-out of volunteering, you have the option to pay a $500 buyout fee.  Simply select the option on the registration page and pay online! 

If you do not show up for your work assignment, you will be assessed a fine at $35 per hour that you miss. 

Playing sites and waves

Team Location Wave
18 Molten University of Washington PM
16 Adidas University of Washington AM
16 Molten University of Washington PM
15 Adidas University of Washington AM
15 Molten University of Washington AM
15 Black University of Washington PM
14 Adidas University of Washington PM
14 Molten University Of Washington PM
14 Black Academy Sports Center AM
13 Adidas Academy Sports Center PM

FAQs & Reminders

FAQs & Reminders for Parent Sign-Ups for 2020 ECC Assignments


Do not wait until the last minute to do this!

Parents are required to sign up for a MINIMUM of 15 volunteer hours.

  • Was 18 hours in 2018
  • Was 20 hours in 2017
  • Was as high as 34 hours in the past


Q1 – Can Aunt Millie or my son William take some of the family hours?

  • Yes, if they are college-age and older AND they are physically able (there are very few sitting jobs!) AND can stay focused for the entire time of the assignment (usually 5 hours)
  • NOTE:  We do NOT want personnel changes in the middle assignments.
  • “College-Age” exception:  if you have a high school-age person who is strong and a hard worker, we would love to have them take some Tear Down assignments Monday evening (4 PM – 11 PM, though we will be done well before 11 PM IF all the Tear-Down slots are filled).

Q2 – I prefer not to work during the tournament on the weekend. Can I do all my hours before the tournament?

  • 90% of the roughly 4200* hours occur on the weekend. There will be slots open for Set Up on Thursday, Friday and Tear Down on Monday

* Rough breakdown:

  • 1500 = Parents (~300 at ASC)
  • 1000 = WVBA Staff, Coaches & Jim C.
  • 1000 = ROTC Cadets
  • 200 = External Help (Ex Parents, Friends, etc.)
  • 500 = Bastyr University Sports Medicine Students & Staff


Q3 – At the UW, how will I know where to report for my assignment?

  • In mid-May, Sabrina will send out a map that shows exactly where to report for each type of assignment.

Q4 – Since I am working at ECC, do I need to pay admission and parking?

  • No, the daughters for every family who are working the full allotment of hours will be issued a “Parent Packet” before ECC. It will include 2 ECC “Volunteer” T-shirts, Name Badges, and 2 Admission Wristbands.
  • Yes, everyone pays for parking, which is totally controlled by the UW.
    • Reminder: It is a 10+ minute walk from the E18 Parking Lot

Q5 – I am out of town that weekend, so not available to work. What can I do?

  • Two Options:
    • One Parent/Guardian takes all the hours
    • You can opt-out for $500 (this is not a preferable option for 2019 as we do not have enough parent hours to cover all the work (even with ROTC help, etc.).  Opting out will be a choice in the Sign Up Process.


Q6 – What happens if my family does not sign up for the full allotment of hours?

  • You will be billed at $35/Hour.


Q7 – I am very smart, but I am sure I will have some questions about the assignments and the sign-up process. Who should I call?

  • First off, this process is very user-friendly. We created the signup using the same type of SportsEngine registrations you have all seen many times before so there should be no surprises. If you absolutely can’t figure it out, check with your parent liaison and if they don’t know they will contact Sabrina directly for you.



  • Make sure you know when and where your daughter is playing – in case that makes a difference in what you want to sign up for. The sites and waves have been posted at the beginning of the registration.
  • Print a hard copy of your assignments and times. We won’t have a Concierge Desk this year to look up your assignments.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes from the time you arrive at parking to get to your assignment.
  • Depending on the assignment, you may need to check with the person you are replacing about updates, issues, or other sage advice.
  • Sabrina will likely receive around 50 emails a day about ECC as soon as the registration goes live. So, if you have questions check with team liaisons or other parents first to get a more timely response.
  • Read all the way through the job description before selecting it so you know what you will be doing! We will not make changes to the jobs you have registered for once you have submitted the form.
  • Please enter an email that you check regularly on your registration. If you do not, you will miss important messages such as report locations


Please direct questions to:

Sabrina Dejesus

Sabrina Dejesus


Phone: (425) 745-0866